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February 2013

Vertigo… oh my


Dear Dr. Sara, I woke up 5 days ago with wild vertigo.  I could hardly walk and actually had to crawl to the bathroom for fear of falling. Is there something I can do to help ease the dizziness? Signed, Spinning in Sarasota Dear Spinning, Oh my that is really …

Anxiety and the Adrenals


 Dear Dr. Sara, I attended your class on Anxiety and the Adrenals in San Diego at the IGEEM conference in September 2012.  I really loved your descriptions of the Blood Brain Barrier and how stress hormones impact the hypothalamus.  The Basket Weave technique, outlined in your handouts is awesome, but …

Energy of Heartache


Dear Dr. Sara, I have a broken heart… I am so sad and so lonely… can I do something for myself to ease this?  It feels unbearable. Signed, Heartache Extraordinaire   Dear Extraordinaire, Oh my… such a loaded issue and one that is near and dear to my own healing …

The Energy of Money


 Hello Dr Sara My partner I attended your post class workshop ‘Money Matters’ at Eden Energy Medicine School in London last year. We have been using your approach, but expanding it to work on things that we feel are limiting the development of our EEM practices, and we would appreciate …