The Energy of Money

shapeimage_2-4 Hello Dr Sara

My partner I attended your post class workshop ‘Money Matters’ at Eden Energy Medicine School in London last year. We have been using your approach, but expanding it to work on things that we feel are limiting the development of our EEM practices, and we would appreciate your feedback on what we are doing.

What we would like to ask you is: Are we right to assume that your protocol is valid for all belief statements, not just those concerned with money matters? Are there any other considerations we should be taking into account here?

We would really appreciate your thoughts, comments and any guidance you may be able to offer.


Wondering about how does Money Matter….


Dear Wondering,

I find that these techniques work well around just about anything you WANT to be strong on, but test weak… and yes It is not limited to money.

Here is what I do want to add to this conversation though… why we see money issues chipping away at the immune system in the ways we see it is because money is about survival.  We carry deep generational, environmental and collective consciousness around survival and money.

Money issues are a Triple Warmer passion– TW loves our stress around money because it supports his compulsions to keep us afraid and aware = safe in his mind.  As you already know, afraid and aware do NOT equal safe… they just equal afraid and aware.  We pay a very high price physiologically for that fearful awareness… it is hard on the body and emotions and spirit to hold such a belief that we are always one pay check away from losing our home or food or safety.

There are rarely issues that trap the whole aura = meaning ALL minds, ALL bodies, ALL emotions like money/survival can.  The only exception I have seen is all out war… literally like trying to live in Baghdad at the height of the war.  Even awful terrible medical diagnosis like end stage brain tumors, rarely loop the whole being into a backwards belief process like money issues do.

Money issues pull bodies into belief systems in ways I don’t witness in other states.

I think it is because there is the huge machine of “everybody-else-believes-we-are-collectively-going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket” syndrome.  Morphogenetic fields that hold the vibrational belief of financial doom of literally billions of people is very powerful ju ju and we get carried away in the undertow of that collective belief.  We believe that is truth because so many billions of people believe that is truth.

Such energy does not exist in the medical world.  You get a disease… there are not billions of people holding the vibration that  you are going to die.  Actually quite the contrary, there are many people pulling for your good outcome.  Not so with money.

The morphogenetic field that we hold collectively around money  is an odd psychology that continues to fascinate me.

I have found that it is very specific to money — that there is no other sweeping belief system that is so wrong and so contrary to what serves us.  There is no other belief system that exists in such magnitude to what is actually happening.  The contrary money belief permeates all races, all creeds and all religious beliefs and all financial states.  It is so odd that the illusion of scarcity is actually the belief that we can all agree on… that we join hands and nod our heads in agreement on this:  that there is never enough and that we cannot have what we want.

So here is what I know to be true… when the money issue gets “cured” in a person’s field — and continues to evolve with additional priority fears, vortexes, and various meridian/alarm point treatments — the whole being gets better.  It is very much like when the money fear begins to unravel and is replaced with the belief “that no matter what comes my way I will always have plenty”… the physiology improves in all ways.  The physical body relaxes, the emotional body moves into regeneration and the spiritual body’s painful voids become filled with joy.

If you choose to live in a world where every need is always met (which is the overall truth in all perceptions — remember the 20,0000 domestic flights that take off and land safely in the US bit?) think about how expansive the body becomes.  That old adage “What would you be doing if you knew you could not fail” applies to this discussion.

When we cure our money issues, we begin to live at the top of Maslow’s pyramid in the continuous peak experiences of Self Actualization.  This is our true calling… honestly our truest calling as human beings is to trust in the promise that all our needs are taken care of so we can spend our lives blissing in Self Actualization.

So here is what I think is the answer to your question… absolutely these techniques can be used for any well being issue at all — from pimples to bankruptcy… all good.  What you will probably NOT find in disease patterns or neurosis patterns ( like OCD) is that your clients will “flunk” all the tests for all the arenas taught in this class.  The all encompassing issue of money is the grand dame of hooking ALL of our being and we willingly submit to the undertow of that vibrational belief like lemmings jumping over a cliff.

Hope this is helpful.  Love the great questions.

Power on,

Dr. Sara