Energy of Heartache

shapeimage_2-5Dear Dr. Sara,

I have a broken heart… I am so sad and so lonely… can I do something for myself to ease this?  It feels unbearable.


Heartache Extraordinaire


Dear Extraordinaire,

Oh my… such a loaded issue and one that is near and dear to my own healing heart.

I am not the expert.   However, my recent personal life issues have demanded that I delve deeply into how to heal a broken heart.  I am sooooooooo not healed yet — still healing… but I am hoping that I am 5 minutes ahead of you on this issue and my insight will be helpful.

So here goes with just a few exercises that I have found helpful:

  1. Place your hand over your heart chakra, palm side to skin, and gently tap the Triple Warmer point between the fifth and fourth knuckles on the back of the hand.

Switch hands.

One hand may feel more powerful to you than the other.

Here’s why…

The right hand usually pulls energy in to the space it is placed.  If you need your heart filled… place your right hand over heart and tap with your left fingers.

The left hand usually pulls energy away from the space it is placed.  If your heart is too full of sorrow or ache and needs to be drained of it’s burden… place your left hand over heart and tap with the right fingers.
Tapping on that Triple Warmer point stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin.  Oxytocin is a hormone that will come into production in the body when you are connecting in love and harmony.

Here is the important thing to note about Oxytocin… Heartache and grief are accompanied by powerful stress hormones.  When stress hormones are present, Oxytocin goes dormant.  When Oxytocin is stimulated, stress hormones go dormant.

Heartbreak and loss are first class stressors that release first class stress hormones.  Grief and heartache are about as stressed as we will ever get.  Tapping that point over heart counter acts the powerful biochemicals of grief and gives the body/mind a chance to connect to the sweetness of whatever the cause of the loss is.

  1. Pain Siphon heart.

Place your left hand over heart and your right hand out to the palm facing down to the ground and just sit quietly for 2 to 5 minutes.

Here’s what this does…

This exercise drains excess pain from the heart and delivers it to the ground where it is received and recycled like beautiful compost.

  1. Gently tap under the nose at the outside of both nostrils using the inside tips of your baby fingers.  You can tap with both baby fingers under both nostrils as once.

Here’s why this seems to help…

The inside tips of your baby fingers is the last point on Heart Meridian.  The points under the nostrils is the last point on Large Intestine Meridian.  Connecting the last point on Heart Meridian with the last point on Large Intestine Meridian releases congestion in Heart Meridian.

  1. Anguish…. ugh… If you find yourself in utter anguish, holding your Liver Sedating points will ease this.

Here’s why…

Liver has to process all our hormones.  As noted up above regarding stress hormones and grief… well grief is just bout the most stressed state a human being will find themselves in.  Liver will get congested from having to deal with all the excess stress hormones and Liver begins to have trouble… so the sensation of Liver congested with so many stress hormones from grieving is ANGUISH.  Holding Liver Sedating points will help liver process the onslaught of hormones and the whole body begins to lighten.

Let me know how it goes.

Extraordinaire, it is my hope for you that these humble exercises will clear enough of the stress of your heartache so you will be able to sit with the beauty and fullness of what is now gone.  It is my hope that a little bit of light begins to shine in so you can see your way to the other side of your grief.

Power on,

Dr. Sara