Anxiety and the Adrenals

 shapeimage_2-6Dear Dr. Sara,

I attended your class on Anxiety and the Adrenals in San Diego at the IGEEM conference in September 2012.  I really loved your descriptions of the Blood Brain Barrier and how stress hormones impact the hypothalamus.  The Basket Weave technique, outlined in your handouts is awesome, but I think I need a practitioner to energy test me… and I don’t always have access to someone to energy test me. Can you give me some ideas on how to keep my brain chemistry safe from the onslaught of stress hormones if I do not have some one that can test me for “holes in my Basket Weave”?


Working hard on myself, by myself.

Dear Working,

You are so right… there are issues when we need a skilled practitioner’s help, and there are times when we just don’t have that access.  In this case, the issue of keeping the Blood Brain Barrier healthy — there ARE things you can do all by yourself.

Here is what we know about the Blood Brain Barrier (the BBB) from my paper Anxiety and the Adrenals delivered at IGEEM:

…the BBB opens it’s protective walls wide to let the stress hormones in. This is where Triple Warmer’s Radiant agreement with the body to go wherever he wants to go, whenever he wants to serves us… in an emergency. We want our master glands in the brain activated when the house is on fire. Cool — this is cool. We want to get out of the burning house and we want the BBB to let those chemicals into our brain to mobilize us.

Here’s the rub… when stress hormones invade over and over and over again that tight netting of the BBB begins to loosen and the winding of the secondary BBB around the 400 miles of individual cerebral capillaries begins to unravel. The BBB loses its ability to hold tight and protect us… hence the study regarding the stressed brain and the Israeli soldiers in the Gulf War. The drug permeated the BBB in a stressed brain… but did not permeate the BBB in the controlled studies. The controlled study participants were not being perpetually bombed and shot at and sleeping in ditches in 120 degree heat. The controlled study participants had tight BBB’s!

So “Working”, Triple Warmer and stress hormones permeate the brains protective seal, and after a while of being pounded on, the BBB begins to weaken.  The best way I know of to keep the BBB strong is anything that crosses our energies.  Because the BBB is like a tight fish net stocking protecting the brain from overloading with stress hormones, the Celtic Weave, the Cross Crawl, the Wayne Cook Posture are powerful conduits for tightening a porous BBB.  All are exercises that are part of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine (see my page on this website –Lessons — to see Donna teach the Daily Energy Routine). They are, most likely, exercises you are already familiar with and certainly can do alone in order to tighten your BBB and protect your hypothalamus from stress overload.

Hope this helps!

Power on,

Dr. Sara