Vertigo… oh my

IMG_1979_2Dear Dr. Sara,

I woke up 5 days ago with wild vertigo.  I could hardly walk and actually had to crawl to the bathroom for fear of falling. Is there something I can do to help ease the dizziness?


Spinning in Sarasota

Dear Spinning,

Oh my that is really an awful feeling.  Without being able to work with you directly, let me give you some generic energy ideas on how to work with this… but seek a medical professional’s advice on this.

Often vertigo is an issue with the inner ear… and the ears are governed by Kidney Meridian.  What you may find helpful is holding Kidney Meridian sedating points followed by holding Kidney Meridian strengthening points.  This may clear out congestion that has accumulated in the Kidney Meridian. Holding the sedating points followed by holding the strengthening points is very much like flushing the radiator on your car. Get the old energy out and put fresh energy in.

Tapping K27 — the last point on Kidney Meridian just under the collar bone may help too.  K27 has many responsibilities, one of which is making sure sufficient energy is getting to head.  When you tap K27, energy is released to the head and supports all those obviously important functions.

Sometimes there is an issue with just getting blood to the head… and that can cause dizziness.  There is a muscle in the calf called Soleus.  This muscle has often been called the “Second Heart”.  One of the functions of the Soleus is to pump blood from the lower legs up to the brain.  When people have dizziness upon standing, it is suggested that they stomp their feet for about 15 seconds to stimulate soleus to manually pump blood up to the brain.

Here’s the kicker about soleus… it is governed by Triple Warmer and when Triple Warmer is stressed often soleus will tighten and not be able to send blood to the brain as needed.  If this is the case, sedate Triple Warmer and then massage the soleus muscle.

Hope this helps and all the spinning you do in the future is on the dance floor.

Power on,

Dr. Sara