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Eden Energy Medicine
Foundations Program

Whether you are healing your own self, or you are an advanced energy practitioner wanting to advance your skill set, there is a class for you.

The Eden Energy Medicine Foundation Classes are a one-year program where you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine.  The completion of Foundations Classes in Chicago is completion of year one of the two year Eden Energy Medicine Certification program

New School Year Coming in Asheville, NC
2017 – 2018!!!


Learning the Fundamental Principles & Methods

Instructors: Dr Sara Allen & Debra Burchard
Advanced Practitioners and Senior Faculty Members
of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Class Dates:

Class 1: June 8 – 11, 2017
Class 2: August 24 – 27, 2017
Class 3: November 9 -12, 2017
Class 4: February 1 – 4, 2018

Class Days & Times:
Thursday – Sunday
9:30am – 6:00pm

Class Location: Asheville, NC

Register Early Classes Fill Up Quickly!

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Class Location: Asheville, NC

Post Classes – Open to All

Energy Medicine for the Soul: Energy Medicine Techniques for assessing and treating issues of the Spiritual Body

presented by Sara Allen, Phd, EEM-AP

The roughness of this world is hard on the heart.
Everyone’s soul is bruised.
Often, by the time we experience these injuries, these “soul bruises”, they are already expressing themselves in the emotional and/or the physical body in ways that are fraught with pain and confusion. These injuries can feel completely resistant to intervention.
Catching injuries to the soul body is the key to creating and sustaining true well being.
All disease is first and foremost an injury to the soul body.

This class is an overview of the first chapter in an upcoming new book called
Energy Medicine for the Soul:
Understanding the Energy Anatomy of the Spirit by
Mastering the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.

This class is an introduction in understanding the energy structure of the soul.
The soul – the spirit – has a structure, patterns, and trackable movements,
just like our Meridians and our Rhythms Systems do.
This class will discuss, in detail, how the structure of the soul impacts the Meridian System, and the how the spirit inspires and designs what we know as the 5 Rhythms.
Practical techniques for assessing and accessing the Soul Anatomy via the Radiant Circuits.
Wellbeing, purpose, compassion, expansion, peace of mind and contentment
will be directly addressed and studied with techniques to embed these states of being into all the layers of the body. These states of wellness have very practical accessible systems that support and expand them.

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Astrology Symbol


Using Basic Astrology to Enhance Kinesiology Balances

with Debra Hurt Burchard

Learn some of the basics of astrology and gain tools for balancing astrological difficulties and enhancing strengths!  Astrology, like Rep Styles or Element Types, provides new insight into clients and increases your ability to communicate effectively with them.  But we’ll start with ourselves–examining our own charts: uncovering gifts and solutions to challenges.

  Each student will get a copy of his/her astrological chart to work with during the class and beyond.  We will also be working with the general challenges that everyone faces at particular times of life and how to work with them.

Direct inquiries to

Cost: $150 – there is only pre-registration available for this class due to chart preparation.

Please note the little more than usual cost for this class – the charts are a big project.
-includes 40 page class manual, astrological chart and flash cards-

Money Matters

Energy Medicine Solutions for Correcting & Creating the Flow of Money
LEMIC Post Class

What if Love was the Root of all Money?

Dr. Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP

cost $125
make inquiries by contacting Dr. Sara Allen

How do Your Energies Impact Your Finances?

Everything is Energy.”
— Albert Einstein

This class is for those who love energy work, but are constantly struggling with managing their money.
If “Everything is Energy” this means money is energy too!
How we understand, create and relate to our money can ALSO be positively influenced by energy work.

We Have a Money Body and

In this class you will learn:

How money affects your meridians and chakras and how to stay balanced!

How to apply energy techniques you already know to heal money issues!

How to instill peace and safety in the money body!

How to tap into the Tibetan Flow of Abundance!

How to instill love and expansion in every financial exchange!

Learn the power of the cutting edge, Indigo influenced, Micro Credit Industry that has/is elevating MILLIONS into financial self-determination.

This class is full of Energy Medicine Techniques designed to
Align, Balance, and Expand the Money Body.
Be a part of the abundance!

The Energy of the Divination of the Tarot:
The Delivery of Divine Utterances
in Response to Requests for Guidance.

How to ask- How to follow – How to receive.

Debra Burchard, EEM-AP, CEnK-3

cost $125
make inquiries by contacting Dr. Sara Allen


From time immemorial humans have relied on Nature, not only for sustenance, but for Her oracular powers.

From the Latin “oraculum,” meaning “to speak,” Nature has spoken to us through her changing moods and expressions. She is a vast stream of energy that is constantly making and RE-making herself. Humans have forever interpreted HER process as a way of making their lives flow more smoothly.

We call this process DIVINATION.

If you were at our last class on “The Energy of Ethics”in November (and if not, you missed a good one!) you saw an example of the immediate feedback of an oracle, the Tarot, in response to a change in someone’s energy. The cards incited anger with their description of the grief in a situation. The power of that anger was able to move the energy of the situation forward, in line with the Law of Creation & Control Cycles of the 5 Elements. The new field of energy was, within minutes, reflected in the new card layout!

Oracles respond instantly –
because our nature/energy is in constant movement and the Oracles energy reflects nature.

Oracles, the Tarot, are living breathing guides that respond to the Laws of the Universe. It is yet another guide, another mesmerizing tool, in the practitioner’s tool box of techniques to heal, to understand, and to expand ourselves.

When Tarot is practiced, practiced like the art of Kinesiology, the Tarot will give insight into what is transpiring on both the macro and micro field of energy.

Repeat after me:

The infinite possibilities do not suddenly stop in their tracks as the cards hit the table! Energy moves constantly and without rest.

Just as we use Energy Muscle Testing to find out the energy state of a muscle, we can use Tarot, or other forms of divination, to find out the energy state of a situation AND-here’s the important thing – it reveals our relationship to the energy.

Once we discover the energy of the situation,we can make choices about how to respond to that energy.

Often the cards will uncover aspects of the situation that were hidden to us, aspects that have been driving the process, and maybe driving us crazy. Sigh.

The cards tell us: “This is the energy of the situation right now.
If the energy keeps moving in this direction, these are the likely outcomes.”

We would not test Gall Bladder, find it “out” and predict:
“You will have to have your Gall Bladder removed.”

Of course not!
We would rebalance the Gall Bladder!

The Tarot provides us with the same possibilities of balance and
revelation of potential new direction.

The cards themselves describe
multiple layers of human process:

Archetypes of the journey of discovery …
How Nature, the Divine, and humans
meet in the world …
The hierarchy of human learning…
Reflections on how these two energies,
human & divine, play out in our day to day activities…

Looking at a situation, through the cards,
increases our self-awareness and moves energy in
synchronization with nature and the Laws of Chi.

From novice to master, the Tarot can be a powerful adjunct in a session, or an indispensable tool in your development as a practitioner, but most importantly, a powerful ally in your own inner progression.

In this class you will learn:

A little history of the Tarot
– just a little -
because we could spend days on the history of Tarot!
An overview of the three layers of cards.
A walk through the Human Journey via the Major Arcana.
The growth patterns of the
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects of life.
A brief discussion of the energies of numbers.
The advantages of round Tarot cards.
How to lay out the cards.
How to use the cards in a session.

It will be a jam-packed day!

This class you will receive, as our gift to you,
a set of
Mother Peace Tarot Cards.
We were so generously, so kindly gifted a deep discount, from the designers of the
Mother Peace Tarot Cards, Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble,
that it is our pleasure to be able to gift to every attendee a set of Karen and Vicki’s cards.
This is in line with the ancient tradition, that all Tarot cards should be gifts from another.

Join us for an Energy Class like no other you have ever experienced.


The Energy Of Ethics and Relationship Stress:

Using the 5 Element Law of Chi
guide you through the
most dreadful & chaotic of conflicts!

Presented by Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP
with Debra Burchard, EEM-AP, CEnK-3

cost $125

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and
what you do are in harmony.
— Mahatma Ghandi

This class is all about using energy medicine skills to resolve the most difficult of dilemmas and double binds. All conflict whether it is disease, or a relationship conflict, or a moral dilemmas can be tracked in the body and all issues show up in the Five Element model.

Excerpts from class handouts:

“The energy of a problem is a living breathing thing.
It cannot be held in stasis.
Stasis is the death of creativity and the beginning of enslavement.

So why don’t we take the problem, the double bind, the ethical confusion, to the body and use the skills we already know to help move the energy into resolution and flow?

Why do we THINK we can THINK our way out of intractable oppositions
and mystifying quandaries any more than we can THINK our way out of a
cancer diagnosis?

It’s all subject to the same laws of energy.

It is the promise that all answers are within – we are hardwired to heal.
Trusting our double binds to the Law of Chi is trusting the collectively gifted
systems that have stood the test of healing for 1000’s of years. Is there
anything we cannot unwind?”

Earth Element Heals Everything

Taught by
Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP

Make inquiries by contacting Dr Sara Allen
Phone: (630)215-5181

The question of cell renewal is one that all of us have intuitive daily experience with. We have all had the experience of cutting ourselves only to see how new cells replaced their damaged predecessors. We donate blood without draining our circulatory system. Our skin cells are known to constantly shed and then renewed. Red blood cells make their repetitive journey through our bloodstream with a lifetime of about 4 months. One hundred million new red blood cells are being formed in our body every minute.  Our Small Intestine epithelium renews in 2 to 4 days, while our fat cells renew every 8 years (that explains a lot).

Cell renewal, in all tissues, is constant and continuous. Healthy bodies, change from one position to another, change from one state the next, and do so in harmony with all tissues in appropriate measure.  Cuts stitch themselves back together, bones mend, hair grows – all states of being move from one state to another.

In order for our bodies to be dynamic and vital, our cells are called to constantly change, adapt, evolve, and resolve. In contrast, disease is the inability to change, adapt, evolve, and resolve. It is critical to our well being that our bodies incessantly progress and transform.

The Earth Elements of Spleen and Stomach bridge the literal billions of transitions that happen in our bodies daily.  Earth Element monitors all phases. They bridge all stages.  The Earth Elements oversee the micro flows of the neural synapses in the brain, to the macro flow of the life long transition of infant to grandmother.  To have harmony in the body we must understand how Earth Element makes these transits happen.  To instill health in ourselves, and in others, we go to the great harmonizers of Earth Element and learn how to bridge and adapt, then bridge and adapt, and then bridge and adapt some more.

In this class you will learn how to insert Earth Energy into all flows.  You will learn how Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex are built to attend to Earth element.  You will begin to understand that Triple Warmer’s true identity is to serve Earth Element and not resist it.  Simple techniques demonstrated in this class, and easy to follow handouts, will add another tool to your ever expanding practitioners toolbox.

Instructor Debra Burchard, EEM-AP, CEnK-3
Certified Energy Kinesiologist & EnKA Board Member


The Pause Lock Technique

Make inquiries by contacting Dr Sara Allen
Phone: (630)215-5181

The Pause Lock Technique is the foundational piece taught in Kinesiology schools around the world. Pause Lock is the cornerstone technique that enables students to further study programs offered by Energy Kinesiology Association (EnKA), The Applied Kinesiology Association (AKA), The Applied Physiology Association (APA), and
The International Energy Kinesiology Association (InKA).

  Pause Lock Technique is a very powerful tool to add to your growing technique toolbox.

Here’s a few things Debra has to say about Pause Lock Technique…

“Pause Lock is a simple, useful technique for amplifying and “retaining” energy combinations that can be addressed together for a deeper correction.
Other names you might run into for Pause Lock include “stacking” or Retaining Mode.

The famous auricular acupuncturist, Dr. Paul Nogier, unsatisfied with the results he was getting, experimented with moving his patients into a more painful position (nice guy…) for treatment. He found that his success rate soared by putting these two pieces of information — painful position and energy correction — into relationship.

Dr. Alan Beardall, DC built on these experiments and found a way to get the same result,
i.e.hold multiple pieces of information in a “circuit,” without putting the client in pain.
Instead, he made use of the Ruffini End Organs, which exist in every joint, to transfer information back and forth between sensory and motor cortices.
Richard Utt then used Beardall’s work,
and made Pause Lock a critical part of his Applied Physiology program.
That’s the abbreviated history!”

The Healing Feelings System: Expanding, Mastering and Healing the World of Feelings

All classes are easily re-taught and scheduled by demand!

Instructor: Sara Allen, PhD

Our bodies are a multifaceted multiplex of feelings: every action and reaction, every hormone, every organ, every cell feels – or is being directed by a feeling. The organization of the Feeling System Anatomy is as complex and complicated as our nervous system. It is as essential as our cardiovascular system. It is as organized and as reactive as our hormonal system. The Feeling System, just like all the other physical and subtle energy systems we study, is intimately intertwined in how we get sick. It is also as intimately intertwined, just like all the other physical and subtle energy systems, in how we get better.

However, and it is a big HOWEVER, we have little consciousness of this system and even less mastery. We have a deeply impoverished Feelings Vocabulary and little or no awareness of the structure or of the impact of the Feelings Anatomy on the physical and energy bodies. It is like being in a foreign land without a map and no way to communicate. We are left to wander life ensnared in uncertainty and bewilderment.

In this class you will learn the structure of the Feelings System Anatomy. You will immediately expand your Feelings System Vocabulary. You will learn how to overlay and intertwine the Chinese Five Element System with the Feelings System, to create movement and space in any disease process at any stage of the process. Mastery of the Feelings System frees the mind and spirit and lays emotional confidence and physical resilience on the altar of your life.

This class uses Eden Energy Medicine language as well as Chinese Five Element language. It is suitable for any student at any stage of their training. It is universal in its approach and universal in its effects. This class has immediate and expansive results for student and practitioner alike.

This class will also have available for sale an optional flash card system called The Feelings Marketplace. While not necessary, it is an important tool that students will love and to which they will want to have access.

Debra Burchard’s Post Class
Five Astonishing Chinese Medicine Point Systems

Make inquiries by contacting Dr Sara Allen
Phone: (630)215-5181

The Ancients in Chinese Medicine developed systems that are as diverse and as intricate and anything you might ever hope to understand in Western Medicine.  In Chinese medicine it was all discovered, developed and fine tuned through observation and the ever PRIMARY proficiency of getting energy to move and make space to create vitality in ourselves and others.

Debra Burchard, who has studied the body’s subtle energy systems since the 70’s, and has sat at the feet of the ICONS of the early energy kinesiology movement in the US as well as Europe, has put together a class that takes you on an adventure of five of the most mysterious and fascinating point systems in Chinese medicine:

The Divergent Points:  The points that connect the inner and outer energies

The Command Points:  These points have broad and strong affects on very specific parts of the body… sometime referred to as Lightning Points they are often said to be elixirs for the treatment of just about anything.

Lou Points:  There is really only one big meridian that surfaces 12 times to the skin… the parts of the meridian that are submerged deep in the body collect at the Lou points.

The Hara Alarm Points: sometimes called the “Eyes of the Solar Plexus” are amongst the most mysterious and powerful and surprisingly easy to grasp points in the body.

Xi Cleft Points:  These points are sometimes referred to as” blood pools or chi pools” of energy.  They are considered among the most powerful and frequently used acupuncture points.

This class is a must know class for anyone at any level of training in the art of the body’s subtle energy systems.  These points are essential for moving forward in the mastery of working in the energy body.  A greater and broader understanding of how the Chinese Five Element Systems moves dis-ease patterns and creates resilience is profoundly expanded by the exploration of these astonishing systems.

Energy Medicine for the Dying:  How to balance and
align the energies of the terminally ill client.  

contact Dr Sara Allen

The dying client is an energy medicine practitioner’s reality.  There are special needs and techniques that are exclusive to the dying client.  The subtle energy body begins to shift dramatically as the client’s system prepares for death.  Being able to recognize the shifts, and respond accordingly, is paramount in working with the dying client.  It is incorrect thinking that death is the absence of energy, or that death comes because there is little or no energy.  This is not true.  The dying client’s body is very active, very full of energy, very much in need of treatment.  Dying is another phase of living that has very special needs and very special treatments.

The energy medicine practitioner is often the “last stop” for terminally ill.  They have often tried everything to save the physical and end up on the energy medicine practitioners table in the last stages of their physical life.   EM  practitioners need direction and instruction in how to deal with a dying client.  Dying, is a form of living, that needs as much balance and alignment of the bodies subtle energies as the client searching for vitality and long life.  The dying client is specialized in their needs.  This class discusses those needs and teaches hands on practical skills to the energy practitioner to ease pain, create peace, and gently balance the dying’s subtle energy systems.  To any seasoned practitioner, learning the art of working with the terminally ill client, becomes a necessary part of any energy medicine practice. 


Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes run from

Thursday thru Sunday 

9:30AM – 6:00 PM

Post classes on Mondays, are open to the whole community 
including registered EEM Foundation students.

to register or with inquiries CONTACT:

Dr Sara Allen @ or 630-215-5181

Past Post Class Information just for your interest.  

All classes are easily re-taught and scheduled by demand! 

Anxiety and the Adrenals: Unraveling the Energy of Fear and Worry.

Anxiety is an elusive and little understood condition. The circumstances that give rise to, and then perpetuate, anxiety are as distinctive as your thumb print.  Anxiety impacts the energy system in exceedingly individual ways, yet, conventional treatments are very generic. Distinctive anxiety patterns that are treated with broad one-size-fits-all remedies often leave the client feeling as if nothing helps long term — abandoning the client to feelings of shame and without hope for any enduring solutions.  This class makes clear what the energy of anxiety is, how it impacts  individually, and how to track anxiety and then, ultimately, how to apply Energy medicine techniques for sustainable relief.

Foundations Post Class
open to ALL

Money Matters: Energy Medicine Solutions for Correcting & Creating the Flow of Money

“This class will ease your suffering and develop your true money consciousness…the consciousness you were meant to have, and not the current consciousness that is tattered and torn from fear and lack and hurt…Working through one’s money issues…is the ultimate catalyst for triggering all the positive and good imaginable.”
excerpt from Money Matters

Foundations Post Class
open to ALL

Shock & Irregular Energies:  The Initiate of all Disease

This class was originally presented by Dr. Sara at the International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine practitioners in San Diego September 2012.

In the German New Medicine system, they teach that all disease is initiated by an emotional shock to the system. They teach that all shocks are subjective – what may shock and initiate a disease process in me might not disturb another’s system at all. Donna Eden stated at the Portland Practitioner’s Conference that shocks to the systems initiate irregular energy patterns. (I had long recognized that irregular energies, if left unattended, create disease patterns.)

I had a “chocolate runs into peanut butter moment” (you know that old Reese Peanut Butter Cup ad – when the chocolate bar accidentally gets stuck in the jar of peanut butter.) sitting in that class with Donna. The German New Medicine (chocolate bar) system teaches that all disease is created by a subjective shock and Donna (big jar of peanut butter) stating that all irregular energies are initiated by shock.

So my thinking was, very simplistically put, like this:
Subjective shock = Irregular Energy Patterns = Disease Patterns.

That moment in Portland sitting in Donna’s class gave rise to a large vortex of curiosity in me and I began to track and study the energy of shock.

As a result of this convergence of this brilliant and perfect storm of information, I began to understand how we get shocked and how shock turns energy irregular. I learned how to track it once it enters the body. I learned how to heal it when it runs rampant in the body and, most importantly, I learned how to steady the body so it is no longer vulnerable to being shocked. I have since learned how to teach all about shock.

I feel this shock piece is the most important piece I have to offer to the Eden community. I feel that practitioners will ease so much suffering when they have insight how the body gets shocked and how shock lodges in the system and creates disease patterns.

Foundation post class – open to all

The 11 Forgotten Laws: The Study and Application of Energy Medicine Techniques to Create Mastery of ALL the 12 Universal Laws.

So much of what has been studied regarding Universal Laws has been limited to just one very attractive one: The Law of Attraction.  It has become one of the things I know for sure — to simply study just the Law of Attraction is not enough.

The 11 Forgotten Laws:
The Law of Divine Oneness
The Law of Vibration
The Law of Action
The Law of Correspondence
The Law of Cause & Effect
The Law of Compensation
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
The Law of Relativity
The Law of Polarity
The Law of Rhythm
The Law of Gender

This class is an overview of and an introduction to the WHOLE picture of the interaction and play of Universal Laws that effect each and every one of us… whether we know it or not.

Energy Medicine techniques can be used to integrate and assimilate ALL the Universal Laws for conscious expansion of the mind/body.

Knowing the laws and flowing with them is essential for health and wealth and happiness.

So many of us are in resistance without even knowing what we are resisting.

The study of the  11 Forgotten Laws, coupled with step by step application of Energy Medicine techniques to integrate the Laws into the mind and body, makes this class a huge evolutionary leap for participants in all ways.

Foundations Post Class

Open to all


Advanced Mentoring Classes with Dr. Sara

Autoimmune Disorders:

Understanding the mystery of why the body turns on itself and how to help.
This is a mentoring class is for the advanced practitioner only.
Contact Dr. Sara for dates & times.

The Cancer Client:

Where to begin and how to work with a client with a cancer diagnosis.
This is a mentoring class is for the advanced practitioner only.
Contact Dr. Sara for dates & times.

Healing the Seven Generations: Energy Medicine Protocols for working with DNA

What is DNA from and Energy Medicine perspective and how to unravel generational patterns.

This is a mentoring class and is for the advanced EEM practitioner only.

Contact Dr. Sara for dates & times.

Just a note about the Advanced Mentoring Practitioner Classes…

Dr. Sara’s advanced mentoring practitioner classes are small, intimate, and very hands on.   Class size is usually limited to 5 students. These small classes of 5 students typically return — as a group — to continue to study together.

The bonds that are formed in these tiny and very intense classes are becoming powerful think tanks of brain power that students continue to draw on long after the classes are over.

This form of learning — small, intimate, intense and advanced, is Dr Sara’s favorite way of teaching.  It is also proving to be the advanced student’s favorite way of expanding and enhancing their current skill sets.




Energy Medicine for the Soul:

Energy Medicine Techniques for

assessing and treating issues of the Spiritual Body

presented by Sara Allen, Phd, EEM-AP