Energy Medicine Mentoring

Energy Medicine Mentoring with Dr Sara Allen, PhD, EEMAP


Dr. Sara is a doctorate level holistic health practitioner.  She has studied extensively food as medicine as well as supplemental & herbal medicine.  Her specialty is a particular self-brand of energy medicine – best described as a combination of ancient Chinese and East Indian modalities that are systematized via energy kinesiology.  She is deeply skilled in Eden Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Touch for Health, EFT, Advanced Psych-K, Animal Energy Medicine, and she just cannot stop talking about the fascinating world of German New Medicine.

Dr. Sara has a private energy medicine practice in the Chicago area.  She sits as original faculty at the Eden Energy Medicine School in Phoenix, AZ.  Dr. Sara also sits on faculty at the European Energy Medicine School in London.  She is the director and founder of the energy medicine community Learn Energy Medicine In Chicago or LEMIC for short.  She has taught in all four years of the Eden Energy Medicine Program and knows the Eden Energy Medicine system inside and out.

Dr. Sara’s training, and over 15,000 hours of clinical experience, have resulted in a masterful blend of skill and intuitive understanding of the client’s needs.  She also understands the practitioner’s needs.  As a result, she is in high demand as a mentor to all levels of energy medicine students.

Whether it is for your own healing, or client practice questions, spend some time with a mentor.  Expand and deepen your current energy medicine skills with feedback and insight from a highly skilled practitioner and teacher.

“The biggest challenge I see new practitioners grappling with is that don’t know how much they already know. I see mentoring as an act of encouragement and confirmation of the practitioners’ skills – a reminder of just how fabulous they are and that the world is waiting for them.  Einstein said ‘intuition does not come to an unprepared mind’. The students’ minds are already prepared.  By graduation they have gathered a large tool box of great skills. Now is the time to lean into that prepared mind and be enveloped by the intuition. Let that intuition puts its arms around the intellect and embrace it. That is really what my best mentoring skill is – teaching practitioner how to master the fusion of intuition and intellect .”

                                                                                                                                — Dr. Sara Allen

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